Traditional Colloidal Silver


C-Silver Solutions produce the finest quality Colloidal Silver products with a large selection of strengths at unbeatable prices. We use all medical grade borosilicate glass equipment in our production process and the latest state of the art touch screen process controllers which ensure consistently excellent results. We use only the highest quality multi-stage filtered steam distilled water to optimise its purity and effectiveness.

Traditional colloidal silver is a crystal clear solution with a mild metallic taste. The solution is typically 85%-90% ionic silver and 5%-10% colloidal, we try to obtaing the highest ratio of ionic to colloidal in manufacture. Pure ionic silver is only available in strengths up to 15PPM as this is the saturation point at room temperature. It exhibits a mild tyndall effect when a laser is shone through the solution as virtually all of the silver is in the form of ions.

Traditional Colloidal silver is also often referred to as Ionic Silver or silver water and has the most powerful anti-bacterial effect when used outside of the body. If you are wiping surfaces or disinfecting, then this is the best type to use. We process our traditional silver very slowly to give the smallest possible particle sizes. It is also very effective as a mouthwash but amber solution is more effective if it is to be swallowed.

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