Amber Colloidal Silver


C-Silver Solutions produce the finest quality Colloidal Silver products with a large selection of strengths at unbeatable prices. We use all medical grade borosilicate glass equipment in our production process and the latest state of the art touch screen process controllers which ensure consistently excellent results. We use only the highest quality multi-stage filtered steam distilled water to optimise its purity and effectiveness. We sell both traditional ionic and premium amber solutions in our online store.

Amber colloidal silver is a very bright amber coloured solution with a mild metallic taste. The solution is typically 80% colloid and 20% ionic silver. It has a noticeable tyndall effect when a laser pointer is shone through the solution.

Amber colloidal silver with its high colloid content is perfect for internal use but less suitable for external use. The silver particles will not react with the stomach acid to produce silver chloride which is largely ineffective as an anti-microbial agent. This will minimise wastage and allow most of the solution to make it past the stomach and continue on their journey through the digestive system. The silver particles can be converted into ions in the body in the presence of oxygen once again releasing the power of the silver ions.

Once a batch of traditional colloidal silver has been produced it will mature by absorbing some CO2 from the atmosphere and this will reduce some of the ions back into silver particles. This tends to stabilise at a ratio of 80% ionic and 20% colloidal.

A further processing stage is used to produce premium amber colloidal silver. The largely ionic silver is combined with a carbohydrate reducing agent. This provides a source of electrons for the silver ions and converts the ions back into silver atoms. The particle sizes of the silver produced by this process is incredibly small and this gives the amber colloidal silver its power.

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